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PO-T2T, CAS: 1646906-26-4

PO-T2T, CAS: 1646906-26-4

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Product code: NCL-235271

PO-T2T is mainly used as an electron transport/ hole blocking or an electron acceptor in organic electronics.

Key Features of PO-T2T

  • Exciplex Forming Nature: One of the most important of PO-T2T is its ability to form exciplexes. This property is crucial for the development of advanced OLEDs, especially in the realm of TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence) OLEDs.
  • Electron Transport Layer (ETL) Material: Due to its electron-deficient nature, PO-T2T is extensively used as a material in electron transport layers. This systematic approach ensures that OLEDs function efficiently and have longer lifetimes.
  • Enhanced OLED Performance: When combined with other electron donating materials, PO-T2T has been proven to improve key parameters in OLEDs. This includes extending the device’s lifetime and reducing the driving voltage, leading to more energy-efficient OLED devices.

The Role of PO-T2T in Modern OLEDs

Modern OLEDs demand materials that can deliver high efficiency, longevity, and reduced energy consumption. PO-T2T, with its unique properties, fits perfectly. Its ability to form exciplexes means that it can facilitate the transfer of energy in OLEDs, leading to brighter and more vibrant displays. Moreover, its role as an ETL material ensures that the OLEDs remain stable and have a longer lifetime.

Product of Noctiluca

Technical Data Sheet:

Acronyms: PO-T2T
Chemical Name: 2,4,6-Tris[3-(diphenylphosphinyl)phenyl]-1,3,5-triazine
CAS# 1646906-26-4
Chemical Formular C57H42N3O3P3
Molecular Weight: 909.80 g/mol
Purity: Sublimed: >99.0% (HPLC)


Absorption, λmax: 272 nm in DCM
Photoluminescence, λmax : 295 nm, 378 nm in DCM
HOMO (eV): 7.6 eV
LUMO (eV): 3.5 eV
Melting point (°C): TGA 460 °C
Appearance: Off-white powder/crystals


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