Our parent company

Saule Technologies develops inkjet-printed, ultra-thin, and flexible solar cells based on perovskites.


  • Technology for next generation energy and optoelectronics

    The Solaveni GmbH is developing performance materials through innovative and sustainable chemistry. Our focus is on emerging markets, addressing printed electronics, energy harvesting, storage and solid state lighting. We also provide analytical services and process development.


  • The race towards sustainable energy

    Global energy transformation can’t happen without new technologies. We are commited to developing materials that enhance existing solutions or allow launching completely new ones. We strongly believe that photovoltaics will be a crucial element of the landscape in the new global energy mix. Bringing innovation to this field will accelerate our path to net zero.

  • Focus on the next generation of photovoltaics

    Our team is experienced in developing materials for solar cell applications, as well as designing complete modules and devices. With the unique know-how of our parent company Saule Technologies (Saule S.A.), we combine expert knowledge in the field of perovskite solar cells and chemical nanotechnology. We support the whole journey – from ink formulation and processing, through creating modules, industrial manufacturing, module integration and packaging, all the way to recycling.

  • Perovskite-based PV

    Perovskites are a broad group of materials with crystal structures similar to calcium titanium oxide. Some of them exhibit unique optoelectronic properties, making them excellent semiconductors for light harvesting in solar cells or as active material in light emmiting diodes. With extensive research and advanced material engineering, perovskites can be synthesized into ink. Printed power is a futuristic idea that turns into reality.

Our facility

Bio-Security Competence Center in Bönen

The Bio-Security Competence Center is the interface between business and science. It offers start-ups and young companies the optimal environment for the implementation and development of their business concepts and space for research projects.