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mCPCN, CAS: 1392506-99-8

mCPCN, CAS: 1392506-99-8

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Product code: NCL-3481002

mCPCN is mainly used as phosphorescent host materials, which could be used for hosting blue, green, red and white light emitting TADF-OLED devices.

Key Features of mCPCN

  • Exciplex Forming Nature: A standout feature of mCPCN is its capacity to form exciplexes. This characteristic is pivotal for the evolution of advanced OLEDs, particularly in the domain of TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence) OLEDs.
  • Hole Transport Material: Addition of cyano group in mCPCN enhances electron affinity, aiming to achieve a more equitable injection and transportation of holes and electrons. This systematic strategy ensures OLEDs operate efficiently and possess extended lifetimes.
  • Comparing to mCP: mCPCN-based devices have their thermal stabilities improved. Also, film morphology is improved.

The Role of mCPCN in Modern OLEDs

Nowadays OLEDs necessitate materials that can provide elevated efficiency, durability, and diminished energy expenditure. mCPCN, with its unparalleled attributes, is a perfect match. The properties of single-carrier devices incorporating mCPCN suggest a well-balanced capability for injecting and transporting both holes and electrons. Utilizing mCPCN as the bipolar host material, remarkably efficient phosphorescent organic light emitting devices (PhOLEDs) have been developed. These devices achieved exceptional external quantum efficiencies, current efficiencies, and power efficiencies. Additionally, the introduction of mCPCN leads to reduction in efficiency roll-offs.

Product of Noctiluca

Technical Data Sheet:

Acronyms: mCPCN
Chemical Name: 9-(3-(9H-Carbazol-9-yl)phenyl)-9H-carbazole-3-carbonitrile
CAS# 1392506-99-8
Chemical Formular C31H19N3
Molecular Weight: 433.50 g/mol
Purity: Sublimed: >99.0% (HPLC)


Absorption, λmax: 326 nm, 339 nm in DCM
Photoluminescence, λmax : 348 nm, 365 nm in DCM
HOMO (eV): 5.8 eV
LUMO (eV): 2.2 eV
Melting point (°C): Tm = 222 °C, Td = 313 °C, Tg = 97 °C
Appearance: White Powder


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